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We are a company that provides consultancy services of CRM, SOA and BPM solutions. Our objective is to satisfy our customers through our services. For these reasons, we apply corporate values. We want to provide the best service with professionalism. Our customers are first.

Corporate Values

SQDM focuses on delivering the best possible experience for customers implementing CRM, BPM solutions and application integration based upon flexible architectures. SQDM has been able to keep those criteria through the intentional and continuous practice of our corporate values:

  • Sense of urgency
  • Professionalism
  • Flexibility
  • Maximum return on investment
  • Building of long-term relationships


Our mission is to guide our customers towards implementing strategies which enable them to reach the value promises of SOA, BPM and CRM in terms of business agility, continuous improvement and proactive management of customer relationships.


Our vision is to become a globally recognized company because of the quality and specialization of our SOA, BPM and CRM services.


We enable our customers to focus on their core business by bringing their projects towards tangible, strategic short-term results. If your SOA, BPM or CRM initiatives do not fulfill your expectations, give us a call at (+1) 888 993-9674


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Calle 31  13A-51 | Oficina 112
Bogotá DC, 110311
+ 57 1 645-7831

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Calle 21 Norte  6N-14 | Oficina 304
Cali,  760046
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