Today, customers expect a perfect experience when they interact with any area of your organization. With the right Customer Engagement strategy, you can connect with your customers from any channel, improving constantly their experience and creating value for your business.

We believe in the importance of accompanying and assisting actively customers at all stages of their life cycle.

To get you there, SQDM offers solutions backed on more than ten years of market experience being business partner of world-class CRM leaders, and also with a portfolio of the most innovative solutions in Customer Engagement at the moment, giving you real time insights of your customers behavior, satisfaction and using your business data to help you make your clients happier.

Given our know-how and expertise, SQDM can guide your business to fully connect with your customers at all business stages through your current Customer Engagement platforms or implementing a new solution from scratch.

Consolidate all customer data in a single repository, where all information about contacts, prospects, accounts, leads and sales opportunities is available to the entire organization, in real time, to all authorized mobile devices

Deliver a seamless customer experience in all areas including marketing, sales, service, social media and allow your sales team to produce quotes in the same CRM platform

Deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time, using a variety of channels; your CRM should give you the ability to collect data and, more importantly, convert it into knowledge that can be used for the commercial benefit of your organization

Capture what is relevant to your brand and use advanced analysis to use that knowledge and to react accordingly



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