Changes in OSS/BSS faced by Telecommunication companies

By August 4, 2016Food for thought

SQDM share Tom Nolle’s column on the changes that Telecom companies face in regards to their OSS/BSS strategies.

New telecom industry trends are driving OSS/BSS (Operations Support Systems / Business Support Systems) systems, which are as critical as network hardware technology trends. Network operators state that top telecom industry trends in OSS/BSS systems and architecture are being driven by service layer architecture and changing the need to manage customer experiences rather than subscription services.
OSS/BSS systems of the past, which supported human-driven provisioning processes, must support automated, software-based dynamic services.

Because the model of future customer relationships is to provision a service pipe (a broadband connection) and then exploit it with add-on services/experiences, the industry has a unique opportunity to automate the latter process and contain the growth of operations costs to maximize ROI. Today, 65 cents of every revenue dollar for a network operator is spent on costs like operations and administration.

The most significant of telecom industry trends for OSS/BSS systems is perhaps the transformation of management, from an independent layer to an element of service logic. The vision of an NGOSS type of contract reflects a model of services where the scripts that describe service behavior process not only service orders, but order terminations, service faults, service changes and other “lifecycle” events.

OSS/BSS systems of the future will increasingly be part of a larger service-layer architecture, gradually losing their current identity and focus. This will create opportunities for network operators, equipment and software vendors, and standards bodies to generate new and highly relevant solutions to the emerging service challenges. It will also create risks for those who don’t recognize these changes and address them promptly.

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