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By July 25, 2016Food for thought

Statistics released by US consultant Techwell, in their annual study of the Evolution of Software Testing Profession have a promise for all those interested in continuing their professional development in this area.  There is specific thematic specialization summarized in:

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Other than the optimistic stage that arises for professionals in this study, the results perceived by companies investing in these services, are downright poor.


This leaves a wide margin in which improvements are not perceived and where quality degrades. This situation, in a scenario that increasingly depends on software and applications for sales, operations and customer service, makes of software quality not an optional issue for organizations, but a matter of overall importance for business development.

Examples of the effects that software quality has on corporations and on customer service are seen every day.  One such example, widely spread in the media and on social networks was the crash of the virtual banking platform of one of Latin America largest banks; situations like this reduce the credibility of customers, affect brand image and positioning, generate additional costs to customers, can lead to loss of customers due to the low quality of service and, in some cases, could even cause financial panic.

Corporations interested in further improving the results of its management, must develop their approach towards software quality assurance; it is necessary to concentrate efforts on the development process and to adopt a systemic vision of quality, that extends coverage to areas not previously considered, but critical to final results such as:

  • Management and Administration of Development Environments
  • Testing and Production
  • Administration of Base Lines especially in the control of versions of the solution taken into production

Among the benefits of adopting best practices in these areas we see:

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SQDM has extensive experience performing Quality Assurance services, with a systemic approach to various industries such as:


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