Integration and adaptation: The great challenges of digital technologies

By September 22, 2016News

SQDM shares the “How to Digitally Transform your Company: Strategy and Technology” written by Jose Noguera and posted at AuraPortal’s blog.

Noguera says that we are facing a revolution that stems from a transformation of society that manages a colossal amount of information flowing at breakneck speed and changing the rules of play, constantly forcing companies to act with great agility to modify their structures and even their business models.

Adapt to changing consumers and new technologies is the great challenge that companies of any size or nationality face.

These digital technologies must act in an integrated manner with the processes that manage all the entity’s activities, and flow coordinating all actions performed in the entity: Marketing, Customers, Sales, Purchasing, Warehouse, Logistics, Billing, Accounting, Payments and Collections, Technical Service, etc., said Noguera.

Noguera recommends an effective solution to use a Digital Platform for Intelligent Process Management (iBPMS) such as AuraPortal Helium iBPMS, which offers integrated digital support, automating all the tasks that can be automated using system tasks and connections to devices, etc. and optimizing the activities that cannot be automated; work performed by employees and external parties, using all kinds of fixed and mobile devices.

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SQDM has a team of specialized consultants and certified in BPM AuraPortal, our strategies allow accurate assessment of variables present in automated processes; this, at the same time, enables enterprises to take decisions which increase the effectiveness of such processes.

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