The state of the software testing profession 2015–2016

By July 25, 2016News

SQDM shares an analysis of survey results gathered by Techwell among 529 software professionals, including testers, managers, developers, analysts and consultants, which suggests that the software testing profession is not about to disappear; it will only be different.

The study refers six key findings:

  • Testing is not dead
  • Organizations are employing testers -and will continue to do so
  • Tester roles and responsibilities are evolving
  • Testers want to keep testing
  • DevOps and mobile continue to grow and challenge testers
  • Quality is up; post-release defects are down

The five big trends we see shaping the profession are 1) adapting testing to agile methodologies, 2) bringing testers into more technical roles alongside developers, 3) the growing impact of DevOps on testing, 4) increasing focus on automation and 5) requiring greater domain and business expertise for testers.

SQDM has significant experience within its QA Service portfolio, having developed software testing projects for companies such as Cafam, Empresa de Telecomunicaciones de Bogotá-ETB and Corficolombiana.

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