Improve your cost savings by eliminating human errors and automating tasks

With our line of Robotic Process Automation, we perform complex, ruled based processes that libertate time from your operation so you can focus on being creative and generating value to your business.

SQDM’s strategy on Process Automation allows accurate measurement of variables across your business, to improve, optimize and automate your cross-sectional and dedicated processes, ensuring quality and consistency in your business flow.

Our solutions transform your business productivity through agile implementation, metric visibility defining effective data workflows, reduced turnaround times achieving a constant improvement on your operational and performance efficiency.

Some companies benefiting from SQDM’s Process Automation strategies include:

  • Alianza Fiduciaria
  • Credicorp Capital
  • Credivalores
  • Experian Computec
  • Datacrédito
  • Cerrejón

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