SQDM focus on the essential -provide a timely response to each project requirement, under proved quality standards

At an SQDM software factory, Developers focus their time in activities of greater value and are familiar with automating their tasks through the development lifecycle of their applications, drastically reducing times and costs necessary in software development.  By eliminating unnecessary analysis and not reinventing the wheel, SQDM software factories adopt a no non-sense approach, providing your business with benefits not available when keeping a conventional philosophy regarding application development.

Some such benefits include

SQDM resources dedicate the greater part of their time creating specific functionalities for each application.  Each new development is tested employing a series of best practices, typical in software development at SQDM.

Obtained by streamlining and automating activities proper to software development.  Software assets are employed -particularly architecture baselines, frames and application blocks-, producing software code from models representing abstraction of elements and mechanisms of each application.

By employing a set of applications which share software functions, SQDM allow your business to simplify administration and to reduce training and maintenance costs.

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